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Products Description
MD520N offer unmatched performance where quiet operation is a nessesity. Developed based on the MD500E, it is equipped with NOTAR®, a uniquie patented technology. With enhanced engine power output and payload, it has realized the lowest noise of the turbine engine class.
Dimensions (L,W,H:m) 9.79 x 2.00 x 2.68
Rotor Diameter (m) 8.34
Max Take Off Weight (kg) 1,519
Empty Weight (kg) 719
Payload (kg) 800
Fuel Capacity (kg) 183
Crew + Passenger 4
Engine RR250-C20R
@@Power (Take-Off Power/MCP : shp) 450 (425 / 375)
@@Power (shp) 600
Max Cruise Speed (km/h) 230
Max Distance (km) 469
Hover Ceiling IGE (m) 2,835
Hover Ceiling OGE (m) 1,707
Dimensions MD 520N Dimensions
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