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Product description
  1. MD500 series receives high reputation from all other the world including Japan Self Defense Forces. Japan Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF) operates OH-6D, an observation helicopter model developed from MD369D. Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) operates OH-6DA training helicopter developed from the newest model MD500E.

    The low operating cost of the single turbine engine helicopter, in addition to its high speed and mobility, has been greatly appreciated from its users.

  2. From 2008, a total of eleven items, including Garmin GNS-430 NAV/COM/GPS, Transonder, ELT, have been standardized to ensure safe and efficient flight.

    With its unparalled maneuvability and performance, MD500E has received the highest recognition as a training helicopter from military, law enforcement and helicopter operators around the globe.
Dimensions (L,W,H:m) 7.92 x 1.67 x 2.62
Rotor Diameter (m) 8.06
Maximum Take Off Weight (kg) 1,361
Empty Weight (kg) 672
Payload (kg) 689
Fuel Capacity Main/Aux(kg) 183
Crew + Passenge 4
Engine RR250-C20B
  Power(shp) 375
  Power(shp) 600
Max Cruise Speed (km/h) 249
Max Distance (km) 537
Hover Ceiling IGE (m) 2,591
Hover Ceiling OGE (m) 1,829
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